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The Winter Blues

In my industry this time of year can be frightful to the self employed contractor. With folks having to tighten their belts and construction ground to a halt, we worry and fret about producing business from a seemingly dry well of opportunity.
Well I believe 2011 will be a good year and although those "EASY Years" opportunists who grazed heavily at the "fat years" trough are gone now. Those who remain are the true professionals that hold this industry of creating and designing as a passion will survive.

Closing of 2010 and a bright 2011.

With the down turn in the economy and construction at a vurtual stand still, my industry is getting very creative in making ends meet and keeping the doors open. Collegues and myself are now travelling great distances to find work, including out of state. The fair state of California is in dire need of a economical jump start.
 But, we have high hopes for 2011 and I am looking forward to a good start. We now have a Facebook page and will update it as jobs and opportunities allow. Here at LDL we have gone high tech for us with social netwoeking and computer designing.

Lodi Design and Landscape

You must forgive me ahead of time as Blogs are new to me. I appreciate your visit and welcome any advice or feedback you might have. In the weeks and months to come I will become proficient at this and be able to offer more insightful information. For now, read on....
I have been in the landscape design field since 1978. I absolutely love creating and constructing. It gives you freedom of thought and imagination almost everyday. I am a small company with part time employees and I like it that way.
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