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Just a note
These times and those Guys
2012 and all the challenges
Fall- The best season


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Planning & Implementing

So many times I see excited new home owners attacking there newly purchased home with the purpose of recreating it. The excitement is later tempered with "OK now what do we do". If you approach an existing landscape with a professionals eye and a plan you may be much more selective in the demolition phase of re-landscaping a yard. Maybe some existing elements can remain and changed slightly, maybe some elements just need updating. Reaching out to a pro can really set you on a course of confidence and purpose when the sledge hammers, chainsaws and shovels come out.

Just a note

The dog days of summer are upon us. The heat of this coming few days will be brutal on our industry workers and landscapes themselves. Leave your lawns grow out to shade the root zones, pay close attention to newly planted anything, know your heat tolerances and act accordingly.

These times and those Guys

It is interesting to me how the various pundents around the country keep saying the worst of the recession is past. In my industry it is still in a depression. Contractors nationwide are struggling. Some are leaving the trade, others are barely hanging on. Those that are "connected" in the right way are doing ok.
 I take the good with the bad. What choice do you have? Being self employed is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. It is all on you all of the time. You cannot pass the buck, you cannot shift the blame and most of the time there are no sick days.

2012 and all the challenges

With little to no rain so far this year, cold cold temps for weeks and a questionable economy still hanging around like a bad cold, 2012 has its challenges for folks thinking about investing in landscape makeovers. Now is the time to schedule ahead of the Spring rush.
But, I look forward to the year ahead as I hope you do as well. Contracting has eliminated alot of folks in the industry and related fields. We are all praying and hoping things will turn that corner and allow us to return to productive times, which provides a good living for all.

Fall- The best season

Ahhh the Season of Fall
I have learned of several years of experience that this is by far the best season to landscape. The reasons are simple. The landscape does not have to work so hard to get established, the landscape can take all fall winter and early Spring to establish a root system and be well underway when the growing season comes around. For us in the field, we also love the cooler temps and seasonal changes that go with fall landscapes.
It is also an excellent time for lawn renovations with de-thatching, aeration and winterizing.

A Grateful Season

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to those folks who extended their trust and hard earned dollars to Lodi Design this year. In hard times as they are I have been truly blessed with those who I have worked for.
I look forward to the best landscaping time of year "Fall" and the cooler weeks ahead. With a trickle of hope that our economy is heading in the right direction, I am looking forward to 2012 and beyond.
I will be expanding on products and skills this fall so look for new ideas from this small hard working firm.

Moving thru march

I would like to personally thank those that have pledged their trust in me in the past 30 days and got LDL off to a pretty good start for 2011. 
I will be speaking on landscape design concepts on 4-16-2011 at Rising Sun Nursery in Burson, Ca. I hope those reading this may have a need or some questions and make a morning of it and stop by. Visit Rising Sun's website soon for times and details.
I also will be hosting a booth at the San Joaquin Home and Garden Show on 3-25, 26 and 27 2011. I will be answering questions and providing FREE consults to those local client's that have landscape needs.

Change is in the air

In this industry Christmas season starts now for us. We prepare all of our resources, equipment and energy to be ready for the Spring and Summer season.
This year is no different, but with a twist. We have had to rethink what the landscape customer wants, values and who they want to work for them. I have spent a great deal of time researching and talking with previous clients, new clients and friends to learn the "landscape" of consumer confidence is much different than years gone by.

Just around the corner

As January 2011 comes to a close, things are looking up. Looking at signs and symptoms of our economy and consumer confidence, we seem to be on the verge of a nice rebound. It has been a long business drought, with weeks and months going by with little or no inquiries.
However, January has proven to been uplifting for the spirits, minus the damn fog. I am looking forward to a bright future, which has shades of years gone by. I am providing a lot of education as well as a great service to residential and commercial clients.

January Update

Brrrrrr!!!! Despite the economy, just this very cold, damp and foggy weather is enough to keep anybody from seriously thinking about landscaping, gardening. I am sure thoughts are to staying warm, skiing, Christmas bills coming in etc.
We were so fortunate to install our first Pondless Waterfall this year at Rising Sun Nursery. A big thanks to Don Urbanus, the owner, for seeing the benefit of such a feature near the entrance to his facility there. Check it out if you are driving through the Burson, CA area.
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