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About Us
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the landscape design and construction industry.
I have been designing since 1978. As a life long passion, it gives me no greater pleasure than to visually improve a client’s property through creative professionally drawn designs, then educate them on the purpose behind what I have created to custom suit that client’s individual needs.  Clients embrace an educated, creative and experienced professional that can explain landscape issues in easy to understand terms. From initial meeting, to presentation is relatively quick, depending on work load. I have always stated  “ the right plant, in the right spot, for the right reason", makes all the difference”. Ask about our DIY “Master Plan”, which allows cost savings for those "do it yourselfers" wanting to work from a professional design.
Special care is taken to do the very best job your hard earned dollars can buy. I am on site 99% of the time and supervise and lead all construction phases. From demolition, to installation and completion you can see the progress and the care we take in knowing we are on your property. Cars, house, toys, windows are all protected or moved in order for the construction phase to be without complication or damage. We do contracting the legal way, by being licensed, insured and bonded.
In the western US, we are bound to “having” to irrigate our landscapes in order for them to stay viable, lush, and thriving. Irrigation, manual or automated, is a vital landscape component. We have the “know- how” and experience to install new systems to maximize coverage and minimize waste. We offer drip irrigation systems as well, which can cover potted landscapes, patio hanging baskets etc.  We can trouble shoot existing systems and make repairs as well. Including pipe breakage, replace pop up heads and install new timers. Remember, it is how you water that is the critical component in irrigation, not how often.
Professionally designed irrigation for proper coverage and plant needs.
Specially trained at “Nightscaping” University I have the knowledge and creative talent to turn a “nice” landscape into a “WOW!” landscape with the use or addition of low voltage lighting. I use only the finest supplies and equipment with warranties on all lights for up to 1 year after installation. Creating safety, security and ambiance in a front or backyard, not to mention increase in value and pride of ownership are just a few of the benefits you get from this valuable landscape component. Ask about LED lighting for minimal voltage use.
Simple or eloquent and lighting needs are met.
Water Features
What better way to enjoy your front or backyard than with the installation of a low maintenance water feature. From free standing accent pieces, to “Pondless” waterfalls I love installing these stress reducing, focal points in clients yards and businesses. Specializing in the “Pondless “ waterfall  for over 8 years, it really has reduced care, cost and  safety concerns tremendously. All the sound, all the look, but no pond feature to care for. Usually installed in one to two days!! 
Pondless Waterfall
 Well drained landscapes are healthy, thriving environments. The houses that occupy that landscape are not threatened from standing water at foundations, patios, walls etc. Lodi Design and Landscape are experts at water evacuation from flat yards with little or no slope. We install drainage systems that work. Yard Sumps, corrugated  or smooth gravity lines, french drains, pit drains etc. We get the excess water out of the way so hazards do not exist, mold and algae does not make a presence felt, and valuable landscapes do not drown in standing moisture.
Benefits of the Professional Look
Studies have shown that professional landscaping adds increased value to a home. The investment you make in quality landscaping will usually pay for itself in increased property value. What a great return on your invested homeowner dollar!
Your house will be the envy of the neighborhood.
Your pride in home ownership will be at an all time high.
You can drive down any street in your town and point out those houses that had professional landscapes done and those that have been done without a plan, concept, and without complete thought to function or coordination and arrangement. I plan the yard for 10 years down the road and minimize the hedged look for a more natural look.
Functional, beautiful, and with a purpose behind everything installed, that is the Lodi Design and Landscape way. "The right plant, in the right place, for the right reason".
Follow Up and Follow Through
Our service does not stop at the last plant. We educate and inform the client on how to care for this new investment, how to operate timers and clocks, how to feed and get the landscape off to a healthy and thriving start. We offer warranties on this investment, such as plants, irrigation, lighting etc. We stand behind what we do and are available to clients year round for consultation.
I have the reputation of building trusting, working relationships, which is the very foundation of good business. I base these relationships on good communication from beginning to the completion of the job. All steps or phases are discussed and the client is made a part of the project. This goes a long way to further referral business and a good reputation in the business community.
Professional, experienced, knowledgeable, punctual and reliable.
Other Services Provided
Pick and Plant (Planting service)
Decorative Pruning (fruit tress, shrubs, small trees)
Teaching Presentations
Special Event Color Makeovers
Linden, California
Available by phone or e-mail 7 days a week. 
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